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Before starting HBOT, my son Matthew was not “watching TV”, but he would just seem to zone out and stare blankly at it for hours and hours with no expression.  Now, I can tell that he is actually watching and enjoying watching the TV.   He recently watched Home Alone and he was laughing and just having a great time enjoying this movie. He sleeps much better now.  He tries to speak much more frequently, and when he does speak, I can tell that his thinking processes are clearer, because his speaking is clearer, makes more sense, and he is now using long sentences to communicate, instead of just using words and phrases to get what he wants. His aides have been telling me of his improvements and how much they now really enjoy working with him - none of them know we are using HBOT. And lastly, this is a bit embarrassing... Read More

Eric is doing amazingly well and we attribute this to you helping us manage his HBOT.  He is a living miracle and is living independantly without guardianship.  Far beyond the original prognosis that he'd be a vegetable for the rest of his life.  While he still has some deficits from his traumatic brain injury that we feel will be permanent, they are largely transparent to people around him.  In fact, you would never know he suffered a TBI when meeting him.  His deficits are largely are frontal lobe related, ie he lost his ability to cry, even though he feels pain.  It's been a long journey for Eric and our entire family, but we have kept our focus and determination to do whatever we could to help him, all the way fueling our motivation by seeing his improvements.  It's hard to think back when we had to teach him how... Read More

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